No place is born in a day and neither are the stories that made it. Charlotte Baldwin – Mother of Houston and unacknowledged visionary – was an explorer and a builder. A freethinker and an unparalleled go-getter. 1836 did not afford Charlotte the opportunity to leave her mark on all she created.

Today, we honor Charlotte’s tenacity and vision by proudly putting her name on the door.

It’s time for Charlotte to emerge from the shadows and honor her legacy. Nestled in the heart of the Allen Center, we celebrate the woman who dedicated her life to our city.


We are proud to announce the C. Baldwin – a luxe hotel experience with inspiration rooted in Houstonian style. Our interior design and culinary partners have completely redefined the idea of modern indulgence, making it a truly alluring experience.

Through a fusion of sensuous materials, sophisticated touches, impressive guest rooms, and incomparable culinary offerings – the C. Baldwin holds secrets of the past and promises of the future.

The women of C Baldwin standing in the unfinished construction of the hotel before it opened